It’s been a while since  I’ve done a gratitude post (I’m a slacker, I know), so I might as well start it up again today.  This week, my sister Jacqueline is home for her spring break, and it’s nice to have someone (human, not canine) here, plus my niece was here Tuesday and yesterday too, and that’s always fun.  She’s a smart one, that kid.  We had fudgicles for dessert last night and she opted for the last ice cream sandwich instead.  BUT when she was done with it, she wanted bites of mine.  I can’t say no to her.  Like EVER.  She has me wrapped around her little finger so tight.  Obviously, if what she wanted to do was dangerous I would not let her do it…  but…  A little more ice cream never hurt anybody, right?  Haha.

I am excited to go see The Hunger Games tomorrow afternoon with Jacqueline.  I am grateful that my dentist appointment went well yesterday (you know you’re getting old when you grew up with said dentist – it’s a small town), no cavities, and he was able to temporarily fix one of my front teeth which was very sensitive and also occasionally painful.  I think it had a small chip in it – the enamel was wearing away or something.

Confession:  I am ashamed to admit that, even at age 30, I still bite my fingernails.  I should probably stop that, no?  However, it’s really hard for me to use nail clippers on my left hand, since my right one has a mind of its own.  Figuratively speaking, of course.  I didn’t bring this up yesterday at the dentist, but I have a feeling that it probably has something to do with what’s going on with my tooth.

I am grateful for the fact that Sarah Michelle Gellar is back in TOP form on TV’s Ringer.  Interesting storylines, betrayal, cute guys, cliffhangers like every single week…  the show leaves me breathless.  Last week, I finally caught up (after a week-long marathon of DVRed episodes).  SMG plays twins – one’s evil, one’s… well, let’s just say redemptive.  On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, SMG had multiple roles as the show evolved and man, she does it sooooo well.  Ringer is without a doubt one of my favorite shows.

I am grateful for everything good in my life.  Sometimes I am even grateful for the bad things, because I know they are necessary.  Everything can’t be sunshine and rainbows all the time.  

I say a prayer of thanks every time I read on Facebook that a child with cancer is doing well, and beg God for mercy when a child isn’t doing as well as I hoped.  

Please keep 10 year old Daniella in your prayers as she was just put on a breathing monitor.  She has Ewing’s sarcoma, and it has spread, and she’s very uncomfortable.  She cannot stand to be touched because it hurts too much.  Her family lives in South Africa, and her mother Elize is trying her best to do everything for Daniella and her two siblings herself, often relying on the kindness and care for friends and strangers alike.  Please, Lord, have mercy.  


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