Weekend in Seattle/Camano Island

This is what 58 years of of marriage looks like.  After 3 kids, 9 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren, and countless dogs (this one is Geosy), Gran and Gramps are still going strong.  Their anniversary was actually Monday (the second – they were almost married on the 1st – April Fools!), but my Aunt Cathy thought it would be very nice for them if we got the family together for an impromptu reunion.  And it was.

On Friday, we packed up and took the dogs and my niece Aliza to stay at my brother Ryan’s apartment in Seattle for the weekend.  We watched some “Frozen Planet,” and ate some pizza.  I know all about the circle of life and everything but really, did they have to show seals and penguins being hunted by whales and polar bears and sea lions?  It may be nature, but nature is NOT fair.  A giant lumbering sea lion chases a penguin (hard to say which of these two was better suited for the chase – they were both waddling of course), and the sea lion actually gets its jaws around the penguin twice – but the penguin doesn’t give up.  And there was this scene where Orcas are wave washing a seal off the ice it is trying to cling to.  The look in that poor seal’s eyes when it realized that its end was near broke my heart.  Its eyes seemed to look right into mine and they were like a puppy’s.  Save me, save me, save me.  Goodbye, seal.  I would save you if I could, but a 95 pound human like me is no match for a gazillion ton of whale.  And as if that wasn’t enough, we had to watch a polar bear hunt for seals and almost devour a baby seal.  Baby seals are so freakin’ cute, but they are so slow to react.  To anything.

I almost had a heart attack right then and there.  No more nature shows for me.  I cannot handle it.  Circle of life, yadda, yadda, yadda…  It does not mean that I have to watch it or even know about it.  But now I do, and I cannot unknow it, and what’s worse, there isn’t anything I can do about it.   But luckily, that isn’t the case with childhood cancer.  I can do something about that.  And I am.  And I’ll do more.  All of my tomorrows, I’ll do more.

On Saturday we went up to my grandparents’ house to help celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary.  My cousin Carol and her husband B.J. were there with their little Rory (who will be 3 months old on the 15th).  I got to hold this little Ro-bug, who was big-eyed and smiley, and of course, fussy at times.


Aunt Janis, Uncle George, K.C., Catherine, Geo, Uncle Roland, Stephanie were all there as well.  Aunt Cathy came later just in time for dinner as she was at a republican caucus.  I loved seeing everybody – it was only one day, and that isn’t nearly enough, but we’ll take what we can get, right?


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