Prayers For A Missing Mexican Student

A foreign student at Kerala Kalamandalam Deemed University for Arts and Culture has been reported missing since April 9.

According to police, Acosta Reynaud Cecile Denise, 36, a Mexican student learning Mohini-yattam under ICCR scholarship, joined Kalaman-dalam in September 2011 and was staying as a paying guest at Shoranur.

Quoting her landlord, Kalamandalam authorities said she had left Shoranur last week to meet her husband and kid. Her husband Manric, 40, is a doctoral student at Kalasalingam University, Sriviliputhur.

The state police carried out investigation at Cheruthuruthy and Shoranur on the basis of a complaint lodged with the Tamil Nadu police by her husband who said that he had seen her off at Krishnankovil on April 9 after which she was not available over phone or e-mail. She usually took a bus from Krishnankovil to Madurai enroute Shoranur.

When he tried calling her on the cellphone, someone else answered and disconnected it, the complaint said. “Her landlord alerted us on Saturday saying she had been missing,” said the VC P.N. Suresh.

~ An article in The Asian Age

This story was brought to my attention by one of my high school friends, Kristine.  This woman is Kristine’s boyfriend’s sister.  Cecile has been missing for a week now, and her loved ones are desperate to hear from her.  Even if the very least you can do is pray for Cecile’s safe return, please do it!  It would be much appreciated if you could get the word out as much as possible, ask other people to pray, etc.  I know it is far-fetched, but if any of you have contacts in India (where she disappeared), please tell them to be on high alert.  Not much more is known at this point in time.  Kristine got permission for me to publish her boyfriend’s mother’s email address, so here it is:  The newspaper’s contact page is here.  Pray, pray, pray!

6 thoughts on “Prayers For A Missing Mexican Student

  1. We suffered a Great Loss, Cecile Denis Acosta left us at very early age and full of talents.
    Unfortunately She was killed by the father of her daughter Adela, emotional unbalanced Martin Manrique, a post-doc mathematician, son of distinguished professor Jorge Alberto Manrique from UNAM – Mexico National Univeristy, ex-director of MUNAL National Museum of Arts, Advisor the the Presidency Science Council and member Mexico National Academy of Sciences..

  2. This is a horrible story. Let’s leave to the authorities to decide who is to blame and psychiatrists to assess the emotional imbalance of Martin. Let us pray for little Adela, all the love for her, all the compassion for her.

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