Child Warrior Profile: John Cancer-Slayer Austin

This sweet baby boy is a featured child for Oklahoma in the Letters for RJ revolution that has been started on Facebook.  His name is John Abram Austin, and he is 9 months old.  The picture above shows him with his Beads of Courage  (When he undergoes a cancer treatment, he gets a bead, which is an awesome concept.  It’s sad to see how many he has though).

Little John has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), the most common type of leukemia.   This cancer is caused by overproducing, undeveloped white blood cells in the bone marrow that crowd out the normal, healthy cells.  John was diagnosed in October 2011, and by December, at the end of his first round of chemotherapy, he had received remission.  I imagine it was an amazing Christmas gift for his parents, Kristy and Jason Austin; however, like Kristy says in her about section on Facebook –

I’m a cancer mom. I used to be a dozen different things, but right now, being the mom to a child with leukemia takes up all of my time, energy, and brain power. My husband and I recently moved to [Oklahoma City] to be closer to my son’s hospital. We have great nurses and doctors here. We are 6 months into treatment, and can’t wait to let John run wild like he deserves. For now, we just keep praying that John keeps up the good fight, and kicks the crap out of cancer.

John Cancer-Slayer Austin has a Facebook page, and also a CaringBridge site.  I hope you will join me in praying for John, and also hope that you join me in writing a letter to Oklahoma’s governor Mary Fallin telling her about John and why it is so important that we get more funding for pediatric cancer research.  Children deserve childhoods, not cancer.

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