Joshua 1:9: Courageous

I’ve always loved this Bible verse, ever since a friend wrote “Joshua 1:9” after her signature in one of my high school yearbooks.  Back then, I hadn’t read the Bible cover to cover ( still haven’t, if I’m to be totally honest), so I had no idea what the verse actually said for the longest time.  But when I finally looked it up, I was like, “Whoa.”  It is encouragement at its purest.  How many times in my life had I felt totally alone?  And suddenly, there was this verse, telling me that God was and is always with me.  Courage has always sounded amazing to me, but I kept it at arm’s length for the longest time.  It was so much easier to break down than it was to be brave, so much easier to shut the world away and sit in darkness than it was to open the door and live.  I had so much to figure out when I was younger – I had to put the shattered pieces of who I was back together so that they’d fit and tell me who I was going to be.  It was quite the journey, and guess what?  I’m still on it because the journey is called “life.”

Now, I don’t have any choice.  I have to stand up.  No other child should have to go through what I did, and maybe that is part of the reason why things were the way they were for me.  So I can fight to change things.  God gave me the gift of writing for a reason, I know.  I had to be able to communicate in some way, right?  If I couldn’t write, I’d still be locked up in my own little world, unable to express myself.  I may not be free in many ways, but I am in the only way that really counts.

Lots of times, people take the good things in their lives for granted, and so I am asking you to take a step or two back and look at your blessings.  Which one is the most important one to you, and tell me why!




3 thoughts on “Joshua 1:9: Courageous

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  2. I am blessed in many ways which i sometimes forget. I ,like you have always been a writer and for that i feel truly blessed ,Imagination and creativity are blessings given to me in bucketloads,I am truly blessed to have technology like the internet in my life so i can read blogs such as yours,Its an endless source of inspiration to me,Thankyou for the blessing of your writing,It always touches my heart.

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