Form Letter from NY Governor and Plan of Action

State of New York



Dear Ms. Cloakey,

Thank you for your recent letter.  To build a stronger, better New York, we need the participation of citizens like you – sharing your ideas, comments, and concerns.  Your input is invaluable to our mission to create a government that works for its people, and I appreciate you taking the time to contribute your feedback.

I want to assure you that your letter has been received and that it will be read and shared with the appropriate members of my staff.

I encourage you to visit my website, where you can review my Administration’s initiatives and familiarize yourself with my office and YOUR state government.

Thank you for again for sharing your perspective and for joining in the effort to build a new New York.


Andrew M. Cuomo

It is a start.  It is better than nothing, and it does state that my letter will be shared with others.  I hope that is the truth, and not just a platitude.  I am fighting for the kids, first and foremost, and they deserve so much more than platitudes.  They deserve LIFE.

Last night, I was plagued with awful dreams about pediatric cancer.  Bald little children, crying, throwing up, wires everywhere, loose hair in little hands.  Temper tantrums.  The images were just flashes, one right after another.  I could recognize everybody and nobody.  The impassive faces of doctors who delivered bad news to parents.  I woke up multiple times because it was so horrible, but then, when I fell back to sleep, it started up right where it left off.  Mothers with clenched fists and clenched hearts.  Fathers punching walls.  And the sound of screaming and crying.  It was endless.  Finally, I woke up and scrambled out of bed because I could not take anymore.  It’s reality for hundreds and thousands of families out there, I know.

What can be done?  More letters can be written.  I don’t care if my hand falls off, as long as the children get the funding and research they need…  As long as somethimg comes out of so many innocent lives lost.  The possibilities here are endless.  We are writing to governors now.  We can write to newspapers, senators, the President, the President’s wife.  We can write directly to the National Institute of Health, since they are the ones that dole out the research money.  I don’t know how it works, how they decide how much money to give, but only 3% of $3 billion is utterly ridiculous.  Especially when pediatric cancer is more prevalent than pediatric AIDS (which gets more).

We’re doing what we can at the moment.  Maybe someday soon, it will be more than writing letters.  Maybe someday, cancer be eradicated.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  I can imagine a better world for our children, a healthier world.  And if I can do it, so can you and everybody else.

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