Ryan – You were born at the most perfect time, when I needed you the most.  I may not remember watching you, but I know I must have.  How else would I have known how to pull myself back together?  You paved the way for me when I was lost.  I remember laughing at you when you were freaking out about fuzz in the bathtub because you thought they were spiders.  And when you were in middle school, I remember you got into a fight with some kid who was making fun of me.  I am not saying that that was a good thing, but from that moment on, I knew you had my back.

Patrick – Look at you, engaged to the wonderful mother of your precious little girl!  I really couldn’t be any prouder of the man you’ve become.  I am glad everything has worked out for you.  Sometimes I still see you as the little boy who badly needed a haircut, strumming your guitar or playing with your Legos.  And yes, I have to mention that you took tap dancing lessons when you were three!  Fun memories.  I just love Angelica – you really couldn’t do any better than her!  And of course, Little Miss Aliza brightens up all of our lives.

Jacqueline – When I found out that I was getting a little sister, I honestly could not have been any happier!  I loved playing with you when you were a baby, a toddler, and a little girl.  I have such fond memories of us playing “house” with our dolls – you were “Aunt Jackie” to my kids and I was “Aunt Dani” to yours!  Things only got better when you became the young woman you are today – you are so much fun to hang out with.  Nobody can make me laugh as hard as you can.

I am blessed to be your “big” sister (don’t I know I am the short one in the family!) and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for all three of you!  Love you guys more than you know.  XOXO


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