Dear CW Network,

Thanks. A. Lot.  I just found out that you cancelled one of my favorite shows last night.  I am heartbroken.  Granted, it seems silly and trivial, but the show meant a lot to me.  There are a lot of other things/people that I could be addressing here, but I really don’t have the energy to get into it with anything/anyone else.  Ringer was one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time, and it had the misfortune of signing on with you.  At first, when the rumors started, I refused to believe it.  I had hope that it would all add up in the end, that the itunes sales and the CW.com viewings would be enough to save this show.  It was brilliant.  It was not a mindless show.  You had to think when watching it.  I must admit that I had struggled to keep up with the storylines and I didn’t get it at first.  But the more I watched, the more I got it, the better I liked it, and the more I was looking forward to Tuesday nights.

What I want to know is where your loyalty is.  It’s not with the fans – I know that much.  I haven’t watched the season finale – now the series finale – yet, because I wanted to know one way or another, when the credits rolled, the future of the show.  And now that there is none, I feel deflated.  But I have hope…  maybe the producers and directors will do a movie to tie up loose ends, the way they did with Firefly.  Or maybe some other network will pick it up.  I was so excited last summer and fall because there would be not one but two Sarah Michelle Gellars in it. And then it got better, because one of them was evil/crazy and the other was redeemable and very rootable.  I am very sorry that you cannot recognize a hit show when you see one.  You have to admit, despite everything, Ringer was solid gold, and it had HUGE potential.

You stink.  Meanies.



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