Dear Drusilla,

I was always fascinated by your character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I thought you were insane – absolutely, wonderfully insane.  I thought, back when the show was on, you were the very epitome of what I thought vampires should be.  You’re innocent, but evil, weak but ultimately strong, and dark and twisty, yet childlike and playful.  Your backstory is pure horror – Angelus was bent on destroying you because you were heading toward sainthood, despite having the most horrible visions.  He tortured and killed your parents and two sisters while you watched, and then he followed you when you ran away to a convent in Prague.  On the day you were going to take your vows, Angelus made you watch as he killed every single person in the convent.  That is what drove you insane.  Angel then drank your blood and made you drink his.  He considered you his masterpiece – living, or unliving, proof of his evil ways.

The first time BtVS fans saw you was in the third episode of the second season.  You were quite out of your head, having been severely weakened by an angry mob in Prague.  Being out of your head was nothing new to you, as you were already insane to begin with.  Your insanity and other quirks made you an instant fan favorite, at least with me.

Spike: “Me and Dru, we’re movin’ in. Now, any of you wanna test who’s got the biggest wrinklies ’round here, step on up.”
[to The Anointed One]
Spike: “I’ll do your Slayer for you. But you keep your flunkies from tryin’ anything behind my back. Deal?”
[the Anointed One nods]
Drusilla: “I can’t see her. The Slayer. I can’t see. It’s dark where she is. Kill her. Kill her, Spike. Kill her for me?”
Spike: “It’s done, baby.”
Drusilla: “Kill her for princess?”
Spike: “I’ll chop her into messes.”

Of course, back then, when this episode aired, viewers had no idea who you were.  You were just Drusilla, a big mystery.  It is only later, when Angel loses his soul and reverts to Angelus, that we get the whole story.  It’s interesting to me that neither Buffy or Angel even thought to kill you and put you out of your fun-loving misery.  If I ever meet Joss Whedon, that is one of the first questions I will ask him.  You might not be very malicious, but you are still deadly.  Look what you did to poor Kendra later on in the second season.  But still, you are always good for laughs.  I never knew what was going to come out of your mouth next.

Drusilla: [about her favorite doll Miss Edith] “Miss Edith speaks out of turn. She’s a bad example and will have no cakes today.”

Yep, you were crazy, all right.  But you were also a delight to watch.  When you were on Angel (BtVS spinoff), I laughed and laughed and laughed at that one scene where you thought you were ringing and then Darla reached out and pulled out a cell phone from your bust.  That was hilarious.  You were actually swaying with the “music.”

Peace out,




  1. I love that last part about her ringing in Angel. Watched it not to long ago. Funny. I love the letter. But from the beginning I loved her. Just because I could see she was crazy!

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