Dear Liza Bear,

I just love being your aunt.  I am so thankful for you.  You have no idea how much you mean to me, to the whole family, and maybe someday you’ll get an inkling, but I doubt you will ever really know how much you are loved, little girl.  When I think of you, I think of belly laughing, your gorgeous blue eyes, and yes, ice cream.  Always ice cream.  I think of Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dinosaur Train, Curious George, and Little Einstein.  What a joy it is to feed your imagination and watch you grow!  You are just three now, but already I catch glimpses of who you will be in five years, ten, and even twenty.  You will be compassionate, I know that much.  Since the day you were born, you have been  a gift that keeps on giving.

I know someday you’re going to be old enough to read and understand what I write here, and perhaps that is why I do it.  I imagine you at 13 or older (still with your three year old face – sometimes in pictures you look way older than you are…  there’s this one picture from when you were two, and you look at least eight in it.  Wowsers.  Slow down , girlie.  You have all the time in the world to grow up), and you have Facebook or whatever Facebook morphs into in the next 10 years.  You’ll see a post of mine on there and start reading, and maybe just because you’re bored, you will start reading the archives.  I hope you will.  I have written about you before on here and will likely do it again and again.  I hope you won’t mind.  It’s a testament of my love for you.

I love everything about you, the way you sing along with the music in the car, the way you ask people to play with you just so you can be the boss of them for a change, the way you smile and your squeaky little voice.  I love your bear hugs and kisses so much.  You’ve had my heart from day one, did you know that?

I love you always, to the moon and back.



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