Dear Friendly Nurse,

I feel badly that I don’t remember your name.  I should.  Did it start with an M or an S?  I really have no idea.  You came into my life (and hospital room) in the summer of 2005, and guess what?  I don’t even remember if it was the first time I had back surgery that summer or the second.  Usually my memory isn’t as bad as this, but it was only one or two days that I knew you or spent any time with you.

The things I do remember the most about you are as follows:

  • Your smile – it opened up your whole face, and made me like you instantly.
  • Your red hair that shone in the sunlight which was coming through the windows.
  • Your bubbly personality – you came in my room smiling, which made me smile too, despite the fact that I was feeling miserable.
  • You washed my hair (thank GOD above), gave me a sponge bath and generally made me feel like a human again, and not like a helpless gross THING in a bed.
  • the stories you told me about your two little girls.  I would think that they are grown now, or mostly so.  I forget the stories (sorry again) but I do remember that you showed my mother and me pictures of them.  They were cute, of course.  How could they not be?

I think you could probably be famous if you decided to make youtube videos for other nurses on how to be their patient’s favorite nurse.  Because you’ve got it down, girlfriend!

I will probably never see you again (in fact, I am hoping not, no offense – it would mean that I’m back in that stinky hospital having yet another back surgery and who wants that?  Not me.  Definitely not me.) but I just want you to know that I thought (and still think) that you were one of the kindest nurses I can remember having in my life.  I know you’ll keep it up, because it’s just who you are.

Wherever you are today, I am sending you good thoughts and well wishes for you and yours.  God bless.



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