Dear Buffy,

Despite you being a dog (or an Ewok-dog), you have definitely changed my life for the better.  You are the best canine companion I could have ever asked for.  Though I like to complain about you hogging the bed at night, I secretly love it.  It is true I cannot move when you rest your head on my leg or even curl up on top of both of them, but I would not trade the feeling of being loved on by you for anything in the world.  You are the most patient friend ever, and rarely complain (yes, whining at the bedroom door counts as complaining).

I’ve had you since you were three months old (a little ball of fluff), and you’re four years old now.  When you were a puppy, you were trouble.  You used to escape the fenced-in backyard (like it isn’t enough space for you, half-acre of space) when we weren’t looking, and sometimes when we were.  I will never forget that one time you disappeared.  I did not know you crossed the highway.   You were one very lucky little girl when that little boy found you unharmed.  And then we got a phone call.  You were safe.  I got you back, and I sent that little boy some reward money in the mail.  To have you safe in my arms, no price was too high.

You have definitely made me a better human.  You treat everyone the same – excitement to see them and with all the love that is in your little heart.  You even get excited when I come back from getting the mail!  That is pure love.  Most of the time, humans don’t acknowledge each other when one of them leaves the room for a bit and comes back.  You are always ready to play and have fun with me – if I start squeaking a toy, you always come running, except for when you are being stubborn.  You are so loved and treasured by your mama!  Thank you for putting up with me calling you an Ewok everyday (maybe you think that is your other name?), for making me use my voice more (I talk to you more than anybody, don’t I?), for not judging, being loyal, and for committing to snuggle time every night.  And for putting up with Aliza Fay as well as you do.  She loves you and I know you love her.  And I know you will love whoever else comes along next.


Your human mother

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