The True Meaning of Memorial Day

Let’s admit it…  Most of us think that this three day weekend symbolizes the start of summer, and needs to be celebrated in very much the same way as Labor Day is – with BBQ and/or camping.  Shopping those sales.  Having picnics with loved ones.  Not going to work or school.  Sleeping in and staying in our pajamas all day.  Getting caught up with our chores around the house.

But Memorial Day has the same solemn undertone to it that Veteran’s Day has.  Instead of honoring the live soldiers, we remember those who have lost their lives so that we can live ours.  Freedom comes with a price, and that price is often horrible – the price of blood.

Is it too much to ask for a moment of stillness and silence?

Can you imagine the bravery?  The glory?  The danger?  The sounds of bombs going off?  The orders?  And then, sadly, the silence that comes when these men and women have paid the ultimate price?

I can.

We take so much for granted here in America.  We can do anything as long as we have the means to do it.  We’re lucky because we are not slaves.  We are lucky we don’t have to live in terror like so many people in the Middle East do.  We can be happy.  And yet, most of us whine and grumble about little things that don’t really matter.  We spread gossip like it is butter on bread.  We complain about our lives and jobs and how we never get to do the things we actually want to do.  What’s stopping us, really?  Our attitudes!  We need to make a change in order to see change.  Positive changes equal positive results.

I’m going to share a video below that I found on youtube last night.  One commenter, Sverrir92, says,

Its a strange feeling to know that the greatest gift I have was given to me through the ultimate sacrifice, dedication, and bravery, of strangers. That this beautiful day I have can be experienced without worry, without fear, is something that is trully amazing. Often I feel inadequate, and unworthy of the sacrifice.  So today, with every moment that I have the privilege to enjoy, I think of their sacrifice, and try to honor them as best I can.

That is the spirit of a TRUE American.

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