Endless Possibilities

I love the above quote so much, mainly because I do tend to live out of my imagination more than half the time.  If I am reading a book, my mind is already pages ahead of where I am at, trying to guess what’s going to happen next.  Same thing with movies and TV shows.  When I am by myself or just with my dog, as I am now, I am content.  I am content to be by myself and daydream and wonder if things could be different than they are, and most of the time, they can.  My mom has a sign above the mud room entryway, and it says, “It is what it is.”  Me, I can argue with that.  It is what it is if you don’t do anything to try to change it.  It is what it is if you’re happy.  But what if what is is unacceptable?  Seven kids dying everyday is pretty darn unacceptable to me.  So I’m making some noise, and as each day passes, that noise gets louder, because more people become aware, and more people are fighting to change what is.

If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.  There would be no people having kids, no kids growing up, getting driver’s licenses, graduating high school, going away to college and then graduating from college, getting jobs, getting married and having kids of their own.  If nothing ever changed, we would still be living with Jim Crow laws, women would still not be able to vote, we’d still be wearing corsets, petticoats, top hats and suits every day.  And if nothing ever changed, breast cancer research wouldn’t be where it is.  And nobody would even think about lifting a finger to help raise awareness for pediatric cancer.  The would would be colorless, black and white.  No imagination anywhere.  I don’t know about you, but I would hate to live in such a world.  I’d rather live in a colorful world, one where nothing ever stays the same, no matter how sad that makes me.  Everything changes.  Eventually.

I think the saying should go, “It is what you make it.”  Use your imagination with that one!



5 thoughts on “Endless Possibilities

  1. I love it! I hate that phrase (it is what it is) You are right, without change, we would be missing out on so many things in life. Yes, bad things happen, but we CAN make something good come out of something bad (Look at MADD, America’s Most Wanted, SOOOO many of the Pediatric Cancer research groups started by parents of kids that died from cancer) – here is one you might not know about:


    Started by the parents of a girl who lost her fight with NB just last decemeber

  2. Well, then—–Here’s what I think. Really it’s not just what I think—it’s what I know. You are a truely amazing young lady. You have such understanding and the rare gift to be able to share it with others. I wish I could be like you in so many ways. You have the gift that eludes many others—the gift of warmth, compassion, understanding, and the greatest gift of all–love.–and love is what I have for you.—even though you call me a bonehead. Love forever and ever. Papa

  3. Step out of your imagination and step into writing a novel of any kind and I promise I I’ll be the first in line begging to buy it!! you are one of the most amazing people I know… Your imagination dies mire good in a day then someone who is actually using their brain but is totally unaware children are dying all around them because if their day to day I’m to busy kind of kiving…. Love your blogs sweets

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