Get Your Game Face On

Next week, letters from the members of the Facebook group “Letters for RJ”  will be going to the governor of Missouri.  In case you don’t know, this group was created soon after RJ “Tough Guy” Kaufman passed away at the end of February this year.  He was just two years old, having battled neuroblastoma (freaking monster) for just six months.  “Letters for RJ” is just that, letters asking for change, for state governors to stand up and fight for these little ones who have no voice.  We actually wrote to Taylor Swift as well, asking her to be a honorary member/spokesperson for our group.  But so far, we have not heard anything back.  Nada.  Zilch.  She actually met RJ’s mama back in December, when she popped in to the Ronald McDonald House to play for the kids.  RJ himself was stuck upstairs, and was not well enough to come down, but RJ’s mama, Kellijo, approached Taylor, showed her pictures of RJ, and told her his story.  Taylor said she was sorry, and signed a photograph of herself for RJ.  I have no idea why she would not want to be involved in this…  she is quite a compassionate girl – I know she is interested and wants to help.  I am thinking (hoping) that she has not received her mail yet and that once she does, she will do something.  I am not counting her out yet.

Anyway, back to the Missouri governor, Jay Nixon.  I googled him after I saw that we were writing to him and I found this article.  The headline reads:

First Lady Georganne Nixon promotes children’s literacy during visit to Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center in St. Louis

The first thought that ran through my mind was, “What the…”  And sure enough, not one word in the whole article expressed concern about why the kids were in the hospital to begin with.  Some of these kids were in the hospital for long periods of time, and I am willing to bet anything that at least some of these children were bald.  I have to ask you, how can anyone look at these kids and not want to help them?  Georganne Nixon was offering the wrong kind of help.  RJ’s dad sarcastically said, “Here, I want to make sure you can read in your afterlife….  or just in case you do live.”  He’s not wrong.   This is exactly what is so frustrating .  Here we are, trying to get help for these kids, begging for their lives, and people are just worried about whether or not they can read.  Seriously?

I sent my letter to Governor Jay Nixon already.  He has an awesome thing on his website that says, “Submit your idea.”  And oh, I did!  I wrote him an entire book, used my whole 5,000 character space with all things childhood-cancer-wise.  My game face is on.  Is yours?  I’d like to extend an invitation to the Facebook group “Letters for RJ.”  It’s easy enough to find if you have a Facebook account.  Just click here and it will take you to the group page.  We can use all the help we can get.  Let our noise become a deafening roar!


One thought on “Get Your Game Face On

  1. People are ignorant assholes if they think that this cannot happen to their children!!! Thank You for taking the hell you lived through Danielle and making it into something that fights for so many kids and makes more pay attention to Ronan and Letter for RJ… You are a hero to this kids!,

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