I started the 4th in WA, and ended it in CA – San Diego to be exact!

My parents, my sister, and I got to SeaTac airport a little bit after ten, I think, last Wednesday.  Our flight was like at 12:35, so we made good time.  My dad found a kiosk and got our tickets and we went through security.  Once we got to the gate (not necessarily ours – the right one – but a gate), we sat and waited to board our plane and ate Burger King for lunch.  We checked only one suitcase, so we were kinda swamped with our carry-ons and we had both my walker and wheelchair (sadly, I forgot the footrests).

It was a three hour plane ride.  I sat in a middle seat with my mom on my left, and Jacqueline and my dad were behind us.  It never fails to amaze me how quickly people fall asleep on planes.  At the end of last May, when I was going to San Diego to meet Tammy (to go to the Glee live concert), I was in a aisle seat and both of the people to my left fell asleep before we even lifted off…  Maybe they took sleeping pills because they hate to fly or something.  I dunno.  Wouldn’t surprise me. My mom actually took some Dramamine before we even got on the plane.

We landed in San Diego around three in the afternoon, and took a shuttle to the rent-a-car place.  Once we had wheels, we found the hotel, and checked in.  I was texting back and forth with Tammy almost the minute we landed.  Almost everyone was on the Johnsons’ boat, which was docked on Shelter Island. At the hotel, I saw Tammy’s parents, Bea and Jerry.  Bea is a fabulous cake baker and decorator here in town (in C-town, WA), and she was making Tammy and Curtis’ wedding cake, of course.

At first, I had wanted to go to the boat as well, because that is where Tammy was, and I wanted to see her so bad.  But my mom talked me out of it, telling me that if I went, I probably wouldn’t get back to the hotel room until after eleven or so.  So we just went to dinner at Applebee’s, where I tried a sip of Jac’s peach sangria.  I was surprised I actually liked it, and I decided that was what I was going to order when we went there for the second half of the bachelorette party the next night.  And of course, I couldn’t be in San Diego and not have seafood.  I love shrimp, so I ordered the bourbon chicken and shrimp.  Jac had a salad and we were able to get an appetizer – spinach and artichoke dip with tortilla chips. We love that stuff!


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