My first ever pedicure and the bachelorette party

Jac and I waiting in front of Instyle Nails

Last Thursday, it was a spa day – my first ever professional pedi and mani.  I was very nervous going in, because I have heard or read horror stories.  Psssh.  It wasn’t that bad.   Tammy had texted me directions to the place, but it was Jac’s i-phone that got us there.  We got there and I texted Tammy that we were there, and she said they were on their way.  So Jac and I waited outside, and I saw Heather’s van pull in, and Tammy waved at me.  The wedding fun was going to start!

The lady who did my nails was Asian (they all were, in fact) and she had a heavy accent, so I didn’t really understand her very well.  But Tammy had the chair beside me, and translated for us.  I got sparkly gold polish on my toe nails (I loved the foot soak and hot towel on legs and the mini massage) and kind of a light tan on my fingernails.  The lady was kinda apprehensive about doing my fingernails because of my right hand (it seriously gots a mind of its own…), but Tammy told her to just do it.  If I messed it up, I messed it up.  Isn’t that the way things go?

Me, Tammy’s sister Kristine, and Tammy. First ever pedicure, check!

Tammy got claws. Just kidding. She got a french manicure.

While I got my nails done, Jac went to go eat lunch at a nearby thai place, and when Tammy was done with her and we both paid, we headed over to the same restaurant and ordered food as well.  I haven’t sampled very many thai dishes, but I do know that the pad thai was safe and good, so I ordered that with shrimp.  My parents came right when our food came, and my sister was done at Instyle Nails, so they went to Ross to see if Jac could find an outfit for the bachelorette party that night.

Are you ready for this?  Part one of the bachelorette party was a burlesque dance lesson!  Heather (the matron of honor) was friends with the girl who owns Ooh La La dance studio.  We went back to the hotel to get ready after lunch/shopping.  We had a little bit of time to spare, so I read a little on the balcony, and everyone else went down to the pool, which I could see from where I was.  I could see the wedding site as well.  I got a text from Tammy saying that her sister Margaret had room in her van for both me and Jac, so all we had to do is to show up in the lobby.

All dressed and ready to party!

At Ooh La La dance studio saying cheese!

Once we were at the dance studio, we got dressed up in corsets and gloves and feather boas, and then the party began.  I can only really move my upper body to music, but the instructor was really nice.  She understood and found ways that I could participate, which I appreciated.  We took lots of pictures and Zeenat showed up in the middle of it (she had been driving all day).  Once we were done dancing and taking pictures, we had champagne (there was even non-alcoholic!) and then we left for part two:  Applebee’s.

Once there, we all ordered (and yes, I got a peach sangria!) and then Tammy opened her presents. I had gotten her a white zip-up sweatshirt that says “BRIDE” on the back and some panties that say “tied the knot” on the back from Victoria’s Secret.  The sweatshirt even has an diamond ring attached to the zipper, something I did not notice when I ordered it.  I was sneaky about this gift – I sent the order to Heather’s address in Oceanside so I wouldn’t have to worry about flying with it.  After we were done eating and visiting, the party broke up, and it was time to go back to the hotel to get some beauty rest.


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