Last Friday: Beaches, the wedding rehearsal, and the rehearsal dinner

I was free from bridesmaid duties until four in the afternoon last Friday, so we had a chance to sleep in.  When we finally did get moving, we drive around in the rental car, looking for beaches to walk and just hanging out together.

Posing on the way to the beach. Because I had forgotten to grab my wheelchair footrests, we made do with my dad’s coat and a little pillow under my legs..

Don’t look down!

We had lunch at Taco Bell, and then we went to another beach area before heading back to the hotel.  I got ready for the rehearsal.  I was walking down the aisle with Adam Marek, the husband of the matron of honor, Heather.  Adam is a sweet guy, funny and strong, and I knew that no matter what, he wouldn’t let me fall.  Once we were up there at the front where the ceremony was gonna take place, Tammy had a chair waiting for me, and Adam took me right to it, so I didn’t have to worry.  Before rehearsal started, Tammy gave us girls sashes that said, “Bride’s Maid” or in Heather’s case, “Maid of Honor” and little hair combs that had small crowns on them.  Tammy herself was wearing a Bridezilla t-shirt.  I forgot what it said exactly, but it has something to do with I’m the bride.  Do it my way or I am smacking you with my bouquet.  Here’s a picture of Tammy fake-smacking me:

Be afraid, be very afraid!

And here is a nice picture of us together:

This is what friendship looks like

Of course, Tammy is too nice of a person to be very much of a bridezilla.  I met her aunt and uncle from England.  When we were introduced, her uncle took my hand, and kissed my cheek, and said, “Hello, we are English!”   I liked him instantly.

The rehearsal dinner was at Bay Club hotel on Shelter Island, the very hotel Zee and I stayed at last year when I went to San Diego for the Glee live concert.  The Johnsons’ boat is docked behind the hotel, and Tammy and Curtis were staying on the boat with his family, except for that night, the night before the wedding, Tammy was staying at the Crown Plaza, the same hotel we were at, and the site of the wedding.  My sister pointed out that we could actually see the wedding site from our room balcony, which was cool.  We could see all the preparations that were being done for it.

I rode to the rehearsal dinner with Tammy and Heather, and sat at a table with Zee and Tammy’s friend Lucinda and her daughter K (I don’t know how to spell it, though it is a very beautiful name).  K was on crutches.  She told me that she had sprained one of her ankles ice skating.  I remembered meeting her last summer at Tammy’s house, but I doubt if she remembered me.  I didn’t ask.  There were little Dove chocolates on the table, and we had fun unwrapping them and seeing what they said on the wrappers.  There was seafood, of course, and K told me that she loved to eat seafood.  Zee ordered squid and allowed me to try it.  I was very surprised at how good it was!

I got to talk to a lovely woman named Sara who had expressed interest in this little blog of mine the night before at Applebee’s, and I got to talk to her again at the rehearsal dinner.  She came up to me and said I was very inspiring.  I thanked her and was able to tell her a little about what happened to me:  neuroblastoma, viral encephalitis, etc.  I also told her that I am a childhood cancer advocate and was at the beginning of writing a novel about it.

Tammy passed out gifts after dinner.  My bridesmaid bag contained a very beautiful bouquet that will never die (in other words, not real flowers), a pretty glittery wallet that matched my bridesmaid dress, and a necklace and earring set to wear with the dress. She also gave me a little card that thanked me for being a part of her and Curtis’ special day, and for being her little researcher.  Awww….

When the dinner party was winding down, I talked to a few other people, and ended up walking out to the front of the hotel with Curtis’ sister, Bridgette, who is very excited for the Twilight cast to come to San Diego for a comic con.  She told me that if Jacob saw us tomorrow in all our bridesmaid finery, he’d be like, “Bella who?”  And the same goes for Edward….

Sidenote:  Yeah, I dunno which guy I would choose if I were Bella.  Being a vamp would be cool, because I’d be stronger than I ever could really hope to be, but I dunno if I could be a “cold one” for eternity.  I hate being cold.  Like really hate it.  And Jacob’s hot (yeah, both his looks and his body temperature).  If I chose Jacob, then nothing would really change.  I would live out the rest of my life, and Jacob would start growing old with me and we’d eventually come to the end of the line:  death.  I dunno really, how it works for Jacob.  He’s a fictional character, yeah, okay.  Psssh.  It doesn’t really matter in the end, does it?

I rode back to the Crown Plaza hotel with Tammy (Heather had met her family at Bay Club), and my dad met us in the courtyard (I just love saying that…  in the courtyard…  sounds so elegant).  Tammy had on the sweatshirt I gave her, so my dad was able to see it.  We said good night after talking for a few minutes and then parted ways to get our beauty sleep for the big day.


One thought on “Last Friday: Beaches, the wedding rehearsal, and the rehearsal dinner

  1. I’ve loved following your adventure, it sounds like you hadso much fun 🙂 I hope u post some pics of the wedding 🙂 sound like you had an amazing time!

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