CJ Loves TJ!

Tammy and Curtis’ wedding day – 7/7/12 – started in a flurry of activities – showering, makeup, hot rollers in hair, and then I was off to Tammy’s room downstairs (the elevators at the Crown Plaza Hotel were the slowest ever) so that Tammy’s sister Margaret (another bridesmaid) could do my hair.  There were donuts and fruit, and mimosas to be had.  This was actually the first mimosa I’ve ever had, and I liked it…  better than plain orange juice or plain champagne.  When I got to Tammy’s room, Tammy herself was nowhere in sight, and Margaret was hard at work on Jesse’s hair (Jesse is Tammy and Margaret’s niece).   It has been fun to see Jesse grow up from an adorable little girl to the beautiful girl she is today.  Every time I see her, she is taller!

Tammy came in, and we all got ready.  Margaret, Tammy, and I found Zee’s hair extensions to be very entertaining:

our hair is done!

Pictures were at 2:40, and originally we were going to go off-site, but that plan changed at the last minute, and we stayed at the hotel. Margaret did a wonderful job on my hair – I can honestly say I have never worn my hair like that before (Tammy wanted our hairstyles for her wedding to be different than our every day hairstyles).

The landscaping at the hotel was really, really pretty.  We ended up taking just one picture of all the bridesmaids lined up, and I do not know how many of Tammy alone.  Both Tammy and Curtis were adamant that they not see each other before the ceremony (but of course), and that is the way it was.  Heather, if you can recall, was the matron of honor, and Margaret, Bridgette, Zee and I finished the bridal party.  The groomsmen’s names were Ryan, Tony, Matt, Chris, and of course, Adam.

The day before, at the rehearsal, it seemed to take Adam and me ages and ages to get to where the ceremony was going to take place.  I didn’t want to use my walker because it is hard to maneuver on grassy areas, and the aisle was grass.  Before the actual ceremony, I was having trouble with the shoes I bought (funny, they worked just fine when I was breaking them in), and so Zee was kind enough to go get my other shoes that were navy blue and matched the sash on my dress for after the ceremony (which was extremely nice of her because we did a lot of walking after the ceremony, taking pictures.  Thanks again, Zee, for all your help!  You’re awesome!).

Then it was time to walk down the aisle…  Adam and I were the first ones going down, so I was probably ten times more horrified (but probably not) when my left shoe fell completely off halfway there.  Adam was like, “Okay, forget it” and kicked it to the right.  That made me smile.  I got to my chair and Tammy’s sister Rebecca had my shoe for me.  I knew it was probably pointless to put it back on, and didn’t want to be distracted by trying to put on my shoe (for the fourth time that day, seriously) when Tammy walked down the aisle with her dad.  So I just put it under my chair.

I hope someone was able to capture the moment that Curtis saw Tammy for the first time that day, because I wasn’t looking at him…  I was watching Tammy.  She looked so beautiful.  I could actually hear every single word that was spoken during the ceremony, which was nice, but kinda not, because it made me want to cry.  BUT NO!  I was not going to cry!  And I didn’t, thanks to 9-year-old Ben Marek, who was a reader and read a poem.  He was worried that everyone would think that he loved someone there and he had the officiator say that in fact he did not.  And at the end, when Tammy and Curtis were being introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, I  was saved once again from crying, this time by the groomsmen, who whipped silly string out of their jackets and doused the bride and groom with it!  Adam later told me it was NOT his idea.

Tammy and Curtis getting hitched!

Me and Adam walking back down the aisle after the ceremony

It was during the pictures after the ceremony that I really started to notice that my vision was kinda off.  My dad had taken me to Walmart last Monday to get contact samples, so I wouldn’t have to wear my glasses (which were very scratched up so I was wearing my spares).  During the ceremony, I couldn’t really see if I looked straight ahead, and I just assumed that was just because of the sun being there.  But during pictures, I noticed that I really couldn’t feel my contact in my left eye, and that I really couldn’t see out of that eye!  But I did not say anything about it until we were at the reception (we entered as the wedding party, of course), after we ate (oh my goodness, that was some great salmon!) and Jac and I did the photobooth.


Tammy and her sisters Colleen, Kristine, and Margaret were all in the photo booth ahead of us.  This is what we saw:


My dad offered to go get my glasses, and once I had them, I was happy because I could see.  Tammy wanted to dance with me, so I finally headed out to the dance floor.  I really did not recognize any of the songs they played (that is actually how they decided which table got to get their food.  We sat with the Mareks, and Heather said that Adam was really good at this game.  But we were still the third to last table to get food… not for the lack of trying on Adam’s part!)  All three of their boys – Ethan, Ben, and Aaron – got chicken and fries before we got our food, and then they disappeared to the kids’ room.  Eventually, Tammy wanted to dance with me so Jac and I headed out to the dance floor.

Jac and I stopped to pose with Heather, the beautiful Matron of Honor!

Dancing with the bride

After that, the party wound down, at least for us.  It had been a long day.  Curtis and Tammy are married!  YAY!

the happy couple… at last!

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