Coronado Island, one last San Diego sunset, and Monday flight home

I woke up last Sunday morning when Tammy text me that I left some (very important) stuff in her room the previous day (like, say, my toothbrush…  my dad was my hero the night before and went to get me a toothbrush from the front desk), and that she was going to come by and drop it off.  What time was it?  A little after 8?  I am not sure, but somewhere around there.  I rolled out of bed, and was sitting in the desk chair when Tammy knocked on the door.  My dad opened it, and Tammy handed him my stuff (all in my dress bag) and saw me and waved and blew me a kiss.  I smiled and waved back.  And then she was off…  to open wedding presents and check out of the hotel.  She and Curtis were going to stay that night on the boat and then go back to Yuma the next day.  Later on in the week, they would be leaving for their honeymoon in Telluride, Colorado.  They are staying at the Bear Creek Lodge and are enjoying all sorts of outdoor activities.

Jacqueline was going to go to a Padres game with her friend Garrison, who had just made the transition to the San Diego Red Robin from Wenatchee’s, and so that left me with my parents.  We ended up on Coronado Island and we walked (well, I rode in my wheelchair) to the beach there.  Jac had forgotten her sunglasses in the hotel room, so I was able to take them, haha (I had forgotten the pair I grabbed in the car back in Seattle).  We also walked to the Coronado del Hotel.  I didn’t know it was famous until my mom told me – I haven’t seen the Marilyn Monroe movie “Some Like It Hot.”  But the hotel itself was very pretty.  We were able to go inside the lobby, and I remember thinking it was really dark in there and wondering why that was.  Then my mom reached out and put my sunglasses on top of my head.  Oh, duh!  


The famous hotel

We had gotten McDonald’s for lunch on the way to Coronado Island, so after we were done there, we went back to the Crown Plaza and waited for Jacqueline to come back.  I finished my book that I was reading for the past month or so (don’t judge me, it was sad), and started the one that Jodi Picoult and her daughter Samantha van Leer just released, “Between the Lines.”  I loved it instantly, because not only does it have my favorite author’s name on it, but also because it was about a fairy tale in which all the characters were real.  One of these characters wanted out of the book! Love, love, love.  I say you are never too old to enjoy a good fairy tale.

(While we were on Coronado Island, Jac texted me to tell me that every time there is a strike-out, the Padres donate $50 for cancer research. Yeah!)

When Jac came back, she and my dad left again to go get dinner. They got it at a place called CBW (Crazy Bowls and Wraps) and I absolutely loved my chicken pesto wrap.  It was so good!  Then, since it was our last night in San Diego, we drove to a beach (the same one I went to with Tammy, Curtis, and Zee last year, the one with the “DANGER UNSTABLE CLIFFS” signs everywhere.  My mom thought it was funny to push me (in my wheelchair) over to a sign and take my picture.  Meh.  It was old hat to me.

As the sun was slipping below the horizon, I thought it looked like a burning ship out there (without the smoke) on the water, and half a second later, my dad said he thought it resembled a burning ship.  Ha!

Monday morning, we packed up everything and checked out of the hotel.  Goodbye, Crown Plaza…  Our flight home to Washington wasn’t until after seven that night, and the rental car didn’t need to be back until 4:30, so we drove around, looking at beaches.  We had lunch outside a Mexican restaurant (they had umbrellaed tables outside) and then we went looking for souvenirs for Aliza.  We actually ended up delivering the car back a hour or so before it was time, so we had extra time to wait at the airport.  Once we were past security, we sat in the terminal until it was time to board the plane.  I finished “Between the Lines” – seriously, I have some kind of weird record thing going on.  One book takes me a month to finish and another takes me not even one day.

I sat next to Jacqueline on the flight back.  She is taking a education law class and had a test the next day (Tuesday) so she was reading her textbook, and I was bored, so I read like every other page over her shoulder.  It was interesting, but I doubt I would want to read it when I could be doing anything else.

We landed at SeaTac airport  LATE, and got back to our car around 11, and then drove home.  We got home around 1:30, and guess who greeted us at the door?  Not Kobe (the medium-sized family dog).  Not Felix (Jacqueline’s cat).  Not my niece Aliza (I should hope not, since it was late).  Not Patrick or Angelica, who stayed here to take care of the pets.  But my own little doggie Buffy!

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