Yesterday, I got a nice little surprise…

When I logged onto Facebook yesterday, I had a notification that said someone (Katrina Davies Hutchesson) had tagged me in a post, and when I clicked on it, the link took me to the UBC group, and I saw her blog post in which she nominated me, along with four other bloggers, for the Fabulous Blog Ribbon award.  Thanks so much, Kat!  I am very excited and honored by this! It was a wonderful surprise, and it is always gratifying to know that people are reading what I write even if they are silent readers (don’t be silent).

With this award came a writing prompt!  I just love writing prompts because they remind me of high school English class and writing in a journal for the first 15-20 minutes of class.  Give me a topic and I can write you a page.  Or maybe a book.  But not in 15-20 minutes.

After thanking the person who nominated me, I now have to make lists – one of my favorite things to do!  The first list has to have my 5 most fabulous moments, the second list has to have 5 things I love, the third list, 5 things I hate, and the last list, I have to nominate 5 deserving bloggers and include their links.  I think I am going to be here for a while….


  1. The moment I found out that I was going to get a baby sister.  I was 7, and wanted a sister very badly.  I already had 2 brothers, and I did NOT want another one.  Can you blame me?
  2. The moment I realized that that I can do anything I set my mind to…  Okay, so it wasn’t just one big moment, but lots of little ones.
  3. Reaching out and taking LeAnn Rimes’ hand (seriously) at a concert in Yuma, AZ in October 2008, and just for that moment, being connected to her.  The few seconds I looked into her eyes were so intense…
  4. Getting my shih tzu as a puppy in May 2008, and then becoming an aunt in February 2009. (2 for the price of one!)
  5. Actually meeting and greeting LeAnn Rimes when she came to Wenatchee a few months later (January 2009)

Of course, there are more, but the Fabulous Blog Ribbon award just calls for five…


  1. My family and friends, of course.  They’re the best people I could have ever hope to surround myself with.  They pick me up when I fall and they have loved me through everything.  My niece Aliza brings me more joy then she will ever know.
  2. My shih tzu, Buffy.  Because of her, I talk more and am never alone, because she is never far.  She knows she is mine, all mine.  And she makes me laugh!  And I love snuggling with my furbaby.
  3. Writing – Because of my speech impairment, I often cannot be understood when I talk, but when I write, it’s a totally different story.  And also, I like getting lost in imaginary worlds and asking myself, what if this happens and what if that happens.
  4. Reading – I also love getting lost in other imaginary worlds I did not create.  There is no better escape from reality than a book.
  5. Watching TV/DVDs – Another escape from reality.  Also the reason why I dislike reality TV – other than The Glee Project, of course.


  1. All cancer, but childhood cancer the most.  It picks on the most innocent victims. 46/7 needed to stop decades ago.
  2. Being told I can’t do something.  I just say, “WATCH ME!”
  3. Spicy food.  My tongue will not tolerate it.
  4. Lies.  In the cancer world, sadly, this is becoming more and more of a problem.  People will say that they are sick for attention or worse – their child is sick – or whatever, and it is just not cool.  Cancer is nothing to joke about.  Scamming is a crime, and sooner or later, these people WILL get caught.
  5. Reality TV – Seriously, people?  Ugh.  People getting rich off their problems or famous because they do stupid things, oy…  Just oy!


  1. Brian Jones
  2. Christine Sinness Calvin
  3. Sara Dean
  4. Rev. Kebba Buckley Button
  5. Maya Thompson http;//  (just had to throw this one in here, though she isn’t a part of UBC)

5 thoughts on “Yesterday, I got a nice little surprise…

  1. I’ve been enjoying reading these as the ribbon has made the rounds, getting to know the authors just a little bit better. Congratulations! And, btw, I’m right there with you on the reality TV thing. 😉

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