My family hosted a family reunion for my mom’s side  this past weekend.  It was so much fun, especially since Aunt Karen, Uncle Craig,  and my cousins Maggie and Cramer came one day early – Thursday.  They live in Hillsboro, OR, and they hosted the family reunion last summer.  Most everyone else showed up Friday night.  It was really nice to see Uncle Chris Friday night, because we haven’t seen him since Mersie’s (my grandmother’s) funeral service in September 2009, I think.  On Saturday, there was an early morning hike (I didn’t go and the guys went fishing), and lunch at my aunt’s house in Leavenworth.  Papa showed up there – it was so nice to see him (his last name is Phalen, and and my mom’s maiden name is Harlow, so that is why we call ourselves Pharlows).  And then we all went back to our house, and visited like crazy, and then ate pulled pork sandwiches for dinner.  We had a photo session, and then a concert (a must-have at any Pharlow gathering).  Sunday was a laid back day – most people left, but the Oregon Harlows, the Harlows who live in Brewster, WA, and Uncle Curt and my cousin Emma were still here.  We went back to Aunt Lisa’s for a BBQ dinner, and then the Brewster Harlows left.  Everyone else was staying at our house for one more night.  It was a crazy weekend, but we all loved it so much!  I so wish we all didn’t have to live so far away from each other.  Here is a big group photo:

Back row left to right:  Ryan, Bryan, Jordan, Jacqueline, Jake, Chase, Cramer.  Middle row left to right:  Maggie, Carlyn, Papa, Aliza, Taylor, Kristian.  Bottom row left to right: Brooke, Lauren, Emma, me, Maxwell, Isaac, Connor, and Patrick.  Not shown:  Jesse and Maddie.

When planning a family reunion, what do you like to have on the agenda?

This is my 32nd post this month, so I can easily say I completed July’s Ultimate Blog Challenge!


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