August Promises

I am going to try a new thing here.  At the beginning of each month, I am going to write up a list of goals I want to accomplish, and at the end of each month, I will go back and see where I am.  I have to be accountable to someone, and it might as well be myself, or you, whoever is reading this.  If I put myself out there, maybe, just maybe, I will feel empowered enough to do it.

And quite frankly, I feel as if my recent posts have been depressing.  I so hate the realities of childhood cancer.  The more I learn about it, the more angry I get, and the more determined I am to end this evil monster.  And maybe I want you to read about it, to get sad (because it is sad), and to get angry too, so that you’ll stand up with me and be a voice for these invisible children right here in the United States of America.  That is what TheTruth365 project is all about.  If you haven’t already, please go and LIKE the page and SHARE it with all of your friends.  The page fell short of its 5,000 likes for the end of July, but with your help, it won’t be long before they will surpass it.

So my goals in August are as follows:

  • keep on posting on here everyday, or if I can’t, then every other day
  • do whatever I can to make TheTruth365 project a success
  • start writing, really start writing, some serious fiction

I think three goals is more than enough to start with, and I can always add more as I go along.  This month starts the birthday season in the Cloakey household too – my brother Ryan’s birthday is August 17th, and my sister Jacqueline’s birthday is August 28th (same day as LeAnn Rimes’!  Ha, I always say that).  And guess what else?  Aliza’s half birthday is on the 19th, the same day as my cousin Taylor’s birthday.  I wonder if three and a half years old will be as much fun as three.  I sure hope so!


5 thoughts on “August Promises

  1. Hey, your brother and I share a birthday! And, must be something in the air today, as I also drew up a list of things I’m committed to accomplishing, beginning this month. Good luck to you in your goals, and do keep us updated as you go along.

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