Tackling Neuroblastoma


This morning, I got an email from one of TheTruth365 research team managers asking for introductions.  I wrote mine out in no time flat and got a response saying that I am officially assigned to research neuroblastoma for the documentary/project.  I think it would be of little surprise to anyone that I could probably sprout off neuroblastoma facts in my sleep.  Isn’t that the way things go?  The more you immerse yourself in something, the better you come to know it.  And if it is a bad thing, like neuroblastoma, you become committed to seeing it disappear, as I am, and as I will be until I breathe my last.

I have two weeks to get my facts straight and to prepare a report for the Truth team.  Piece of cake, right?  I think it would be if it wasn’t so personal to me, if I didn’t have to stop and take breathers every now and then because everything I know and everything I am learning makes me want to throw up.  How can people just ignore this reality?  How can they just let neuroblastoma run rampant in the world?  I will never understand this as long as I live.  Ignorance is deadly.  It is long past time people started waking up to the truth, and mark my words, they will.   They will hear our cries and pleas – they won’t have a choice, because soon we will be so loud they’d have to be profoundly deaf not to hear us.

I would like to ask for prayers for a little girl named Emily Hubbel.  I found her last year when I first started to get into advocating for childhood cancer, and back then, there was little hope for her.  She has neuroblastoma, and her parents entered her in a clinical trial for a drug called nifurtimox.  You can learn more about the drug by clicking here.  Today, Emily’s mama, Shannon, posted a worrisome blog in which she said that Emily has developed four red/purple nodules, all of which are on different parts of her body.  They don’t itch, but they are painful when they are touched.  It could be an infection (but Emily doesn’t have a fever, so it’s not likely), or they could be blood clots or they could be neuroblastoma progression.  Emily has an scheduled MIBG scan next week, and her doctor said that if the spots are gone, they would obviously cancel it.  As you can probably imagine, the Hubbels are beyond scared that this is progression (neuroblastoma can metastasize to the skin), and would appreciate extra prayers said on behalf of their daughter.  They are scared beyond belief.  Emily is just a little girl.  Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Tackling Neuroblastoma

  1. As the posters blowing around the internet like to say, “cancer sucks”. And it sucks even worse when it’s attacking a child. I admire you for working so hard to advocate for those who need it so much.

    And, prayers are with little Emily and her parents; I can’t even fathom how they must be feeling right now.

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