I’ve been so caught up in the bad news in the childhood cancer world this week and TheTruth365 stuff that I nearly forgot to share with you the good news – Emily Hubbel’s news!  Yesterday, Emily’s mom posted a blog post entitled “CLEAR.”  When I saw that, I got really excited because it could only mean one thing:  the MIBG scans were negative!  Not only is there no progression, but she is absolutely clear (not even a single tumor)!

Insert happy dance here!

As you can imagine, the Hubbels are celebrating this weekend.  How?  By doing something Emily loves to do:  camping!

She still has treatment to finish though her scans were clear.  They want to be absolutely sure that the neuroblastoma is gone, that it won’t come back.  But she is free, thank the Lord!


7 thoughts on “Happy

  1. “Always believe that something wonderful is going to happen!” that put a smile on my face just reading that! Yes, we need to not be naive about things, but choosing to think positively makes such a difference! Cheers, Gordon

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