If Only



I recently watched the made-for-TV movie, “If Only” for the second time – the first time, I’m sure, was when it first premiered on Lifetime in the year 2004.  It’s about a British businessman named Ian who is a romantic relationship with a girl named Samantha (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, whom I have on the same level pedestal as I do Sarah Michelle Gellar – Sarah’s solid gold, and Jennifer’s silver).  When the movie starts, Ian takes Samantha for granted.  The day they each have gets worse and worse, and finally it escalates into a fight – a fight after which she storms off, gets into a cab, and the cab promptly gets hit at a red light,  Sam later dies at the hospital, and Ian and Sam’s best friend Lottie cry together.  Somehow, Ian gets home and starts to look through Samantha’s journal.  The next morning, he is shocked to discover her besides him in bed, and even more weirded out when things progress in very much the same way they did in his “nightmare.”  He desperately tries to save Samantha, even spiriting her out of London for a couple hours; however, she is adamant that they go back, because she has her graduation concert that night, and she didn’t want to miss it.

Jennifer Love Hewitt sings in this movie.  And I am like, “WOW, the woman can sing!”  I knew this, of course, even have a couple of her CDs around here somewhere, but seriously.  She has sung a cover or two on her show The Client List, but still…  Ryan Murphy needs to cast her in Glee, or something.

I am not going to tell you anymore than that because I want you to watch it, don’t want to spoil it for you.  The message of the story is simple:  Love as if there is no tomorrow.  In fact, that is the tagline of the movie – “He loved her like there was no tomorrow.”

Truth is, we don’t know how much time we have.  There is no way we can know, and “loving like there was no tomorrow” is great advice.  How much do you say I love you?  Sometimes we think people know, so we don’t say it.  But how do we expect them to know it if we never tell them?  We may take care of them, we may hug them or let them make certain decisions that we would like to make on our own, but all that means nothing if we don’t say what we feel.

I am not embarrassed to tell people I love them, even non-family members.  I love my friends as much as I love my family, because I firmly believe that our friends are the families we choose ourselves.

Cherish those in your life, because you never know when the last time you see them will be.  Love like there’s no tomorrow – because, after all, tomorrow’s promised to no one.  My own life and now my advocacy for childhood cancer has taught me that, often repeatedly.  I am human.  I forget sometimes.  I forget to be grateful.  I forget I am blessed.  I start complaining about everything that is wrong with my life, and then I stop.  All the if onlys out there won’t make anything better – only I can.  And I can start by having an attitude of gratitude (I’m alive!) and start working to help make things better.  Nothing is going to change unless I work toward that change.

I am praying soooooooo hard that when TheTruth365 video documentary comes out September 13th (National Childhood Cancer Day), it will be more than ten thousand steps in the right direction.  I hope it will be the beginning of the change the children so desperately need.  46/7 needs to stop, and if you don’t think so, look at your own kids, or the kids in your neighborhood, town, etc.  What if it happened to them?  What if one day, you were thinking, “if only we found it sooner” or “if only we knew how exceedingly NOT rare childhood cancer is before our child was diagnosed”?  There are no second chances, no if onlys, with cancer.

I hope you’ll be watching on September 13th.  I know I will. And I also know that I’ll be waiting…  waiting for this country and eventually the whole world to unite against this monster.


10 thoughts on “If Only

  1. You have quite a lovely way about you. And you’re right, we should tell people how we feel about them, because we never know when the last moments are going to be. Cancer is one disease I would like to advocate for too. Had a few stop and starts, but you have inspired me tonight to relook at it. Beautiful blog entry…

  2. Sounds like a good movie and I hope that TheTruth365 video documentary comes out it is successful as well. Love the real lesson here, which to me is to cherish every moment and don’t live life with regrets or the possibilities of regrets.

    • Exactly! And don’t take anybody for granted, which I think was Ian’s main problem in the movie, He took Samantha for granted and didn’t love her enough, and he got a second chance. In real life though, we often only get one chance to get it right, When you leave someone just for a little while, to go to work or shopping or whatever, it might be the last time you see him/her. You have absolutely nothing to lose by saying “I love you.”

  3. I have not seen this one yet. Jlh is a greater singer. Yes, we need to always tell others they are important in our lives

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