Childhood Cancer Advocacy Is Not Just For Adults

Through TheTruth365, I have met a lot of wonderful, wonderful people who really, and truly care.  One of these people is a young girl named Inês.  She will be seventeen in November, and she lives in Portugal, though she is originally from Hawaii.  In December 2005, when she was just ten years old, her mother told her that her best friend, Marta, had leukemia.  She asked her mom if cancer was some kind of cold.  Inês and Marta were very close – they called each other “sissy.”  Inês was very young, and nobody really explained to her what Marta truly had.  It was an aggressive form of leukemia, though, and sadly, Marta passed away two years later, when she was twelve years old.  Inês could not bring herself to ask about Marta’s cancer again, and she still can’t to this day.  She told me it didn’t feel right, and still doesn’t feel right, to bring up the subject.  She told me, “I wanted and always want to remember her as she was, healthy and vibrant, you know?”

I understood completely.

Inês has been making childhood cancer videos for years now, and has her own Youtube channel.  She has many contacts in the childhood cancer world and gets lots of messages about it.  One of those messages was about a four year old girl named Kayleigh,who had been diagnosed with neuroblastoma the year before. Inês fell in love with this little girl on the spot, and she and Kayleigh have been like “far-away sissies.”  Kayleigh is now six years old, and Inês hopes to meet her in New York City next year on her eighteenth birthday.

I want to share with you one of Inês’s Youtube videos:  It is called “Kids are DYING.  WAKE UP, WORLD!”  Please watch!  The song she used is Melissa Etheridge’s “I Need To Wake Up.”  When I told her that I thought it was pretty amazing that she was so into childhood cancer advocacy at such a young age, she told me she thought everyone should do it.

How else are we gonna find a cure?


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