Yesterday and Today: TheTruth365

Yesterday, the childhood cancer community on Facebook was buzzing with excitement because 13-year-old cancer survivor/fighter Talia Castellano’s dream came true:  She got to meet Ellen DeGeneres!  Oh, my goodness!  I love Ellen!  I recorded the show on my DVR yesterday, and watched it last night a few hours after it aired.  It made me cry tears of happiness for Talia.  This is my favorite part right here:

Just when you think there is no hope for the world, there are people like Taylor Swift and Ellen DeGeneres who see the pain and suffering of others and reach out a hand to help.  There are no words to say except “thank you” and “I love you.”

Because of this, The Truth365 social media campaign was delayed, as they waited for written permission to use some clips from the show yesterday, but finally they just released a short preview of it, which they will continue to do so until the whole video is released in two weeks. Please help spread the word.

Remember the statistics?  46/7?  I know I am repeating myself here, but I will be screaming it until I’m heard.  Until the public is as aware of childhood cancer as they are about breast cancer.  I’m not seeing pink anywhere on Facebook this year, but this morning, I opened a Bed, Bath and Beyond ad, and saw pink ribbon curling irons – yeah, I am not a fan of Bed, Bath, and Beyond this month.  Grrr.  It is September, people.  Remember the kids!  Gold out the nation.  This is what I hope to see next September:  gold Yoplait lids, gold Starbucks straws, childhood cancer awareness billboards in town, gold ribbons everywhere, gold, gold, gold!

Like The Truth365 page here and help the word get out:  Kids get cancer too, and they cannot fight alone.

Sign the petition here to “support an increase in pediatric cancer funding by the National Cancer Institute with the goal of eliminating cancer cancer as a threat to all children” (what the petition says and what you are signing and agreeing to).

Visit my Facebook page and “like” it to join the fight against this monster called childhood cancer that keeps stealing the lives of children.

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