TheTruth365 Preview Day 3 (catch up post): Hunter

It’s late, I know but I had to put this up.  TheTruth365 is playing catch up because they want to release the whole documentary film on the 23rd.  A week.  You can learn more about Hunter by visiting his site.  What can I say about Hunter?  He’s gone.  He shouldn’t be.  He should still be here with his mama and daddy.  Cancer is the one that needs to die!

I don’t really have anything more to say at the moment – at least not anything I haven’t said infinity times before.  So I will leave you with this…

Like The Truth365 page here and help the word get out:  Kids get cancer too, and they cannot fight alone.

Sign the petition here to “support an increase in pediatric cancer funding by the National Cancer Institute with the goal of eliminating cancer cancer as a threat to all children” (what the petition says and what you are signing and agreeing to).

Visit my Facebook page and “like” it to join the fight against this monster called childhood cancer that keeps stealing the lives of children.

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