TheTruth365 day 6: Melinda Marchiano

I met Melinda Marchiano rather by accident.  Back in February, we both posted letters to Taylor Swift on our blogs (Melinda’s blog can be found here) in February.  Melinda published her letter first and then I published mine on the exact same day.  What happened was that somebody created a page asking Taylor Swift to take her brother, who had leukemia, to his prom.  Taylor’s response to that was both gracious and unexpected – she couldn’t go to the prom, but she invited Kevin to be her date at the Academy of Music Awards, provided that he was well enough to attend.  Sadly, he wasn’t, but Taylor promised to make it up to him, and I have no doubt she will keep her promise.  She has such a beautiful soul.  Like me, she knows that laughter is the best medicine.

Melinda found my blog letter to Taylor Swift and commented on it, prompting me to go to her blog to read hers.  It is not at all surprising to me how quickly we became friends!  We are both childhood cancer survivors – the only difference between us is that she remembers her experiences with it and I don’t.  She was fourteen when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma.  And to my delight, she wrote a book about it!  I ordered it, and when I received it, I was even more delighted when I opened it up and saw that she signed it – “To Danielle, From one survivor to another!”  She also included a Livestrong bracelet with the book, which I immediately put on and haven’t taken off yet!  Melinda just graduated from high school this past spring, and is attending college.  What is she studying?  It’s of no surprise to me that she is in premed!

It was also no surprise to me when Mike and Dena asked her to be the host of their social media campaign TheTruth365.  I can truly think of no better person for the job!  Melinda, I love you!  You can watch the day 6 preview here.  Countdown is now 4 days!  Are you ready for the truth to come out?


3 thoughts on “TheTruth365 day 6: Melinda Marchiano

  1. Danielle:)
    Thank you for all you do to help children with cancer! Thank you also for your kindness; I am grateful for our friendship. Please keep writing your wonderful posts. You are making a difference! With a big hug, Melinda

  2. THANK YOU, Danielle – AND Melinda! My heart is so excited right now…I’ve been SEARCHING for a real empowered SURVIVOR community, and I’m beginning to feel like I’ve found it, and I praise God it seems to be JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG! My son just turned 7, and he is wrapping up a second victory over rhabdomyosarcoma – I had a nonrhabdo tumor removed halfway through his first year of chemo. All I want is an environment for him to be able to focus on the OVERCOMING and the strength in surviving to share the story…I look forward to communicating more with you two lovely young warrior ladies. My love and prayers are with you already…Adriana

    • Wow! I am glad you found me and Melinda too! Yeah, TheTruth365 film is thisclose to being released! I am so so so excited for it! I look forward to getting to know you better too, and your son too! I have bookmarked your blog, so I can easily find it again. Love, hugs, and prayers for the continued health of your family!

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