Thumbs Up for Lane

I apologize for not writing this month until now.  I’ve been busy with childhood cancer advocating, which has quickly morphed into a full time job. Last night, a thirteen year old boy named Lane Goodwin passed away.  You may have heard of him.  He had been fighting this monster since March 2010.  He was the boy who, whenever someone would ask how he was doing, he would give the Thumbs Up sign.  He was the boy who, while waiting for a order of crab legs after an appointment last month, started seizing and just would not stop.

He had alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma (cancer of soft tissue), and it had spread into his brain.  He held on for longer than anyone expected him to.  He wanted to be a voice for childhood cancer, wanted to help put a stop to it.  His family – his mother, Angie, his father, George, and younger brother Landen – is determined to fight to end childhood cancer, so that one day, no other family will have to lose their precious son or daughter.

There were no limits to the love surrounding Lane as his battle here on earth came to an end, and I believe that love will be his legacy.  I saw celebrities from members of his favorite team (St. Louis Cardinals), tv and movie stars (yes, even Johnny Depp in the picture above – I love that man!).  It seems as if everybody across the country knows about Lane Goodwin, and really, why shouldn’t they? I am at a loss for words right now, trying to think of how to describe Lane’s impact on me, on the Facebook community.

His presence in this world is irreplaceable, and his loss immense.  There are just no words, just a ginormous empty hole where he used to be.  I know we will probably never fill up that hole completely, but if we start with all things Lane was and with what he stood for, we’ll be well on our way.  And I have no doubt he’ll greet us at Heaven’s gate when it is our turn to go home with his trademark thumbs up and his big grin.

Thumbs up, Lane!  We love you, buddy, and we’ll be seeing you.


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