Scentsy Fundraiser for The Ronan Thompson Foundation

I was approached earlier this month by a Scentsy consultant, Jennifer Counts, and she wanted to do a fundraiser for a charity of my choice.  Of course, the first one that sprang to my mind was The Ronan Thompson Foundation.  Ronan is very special to me, as he was the first child I found and followed, in early 2011.  One night, when I couldn’t sleep, I was randomly surfing the web (or not so randomly as I was googling cancer related stuff), and suddenly, Maya Thompson’s blog came up.  Maya is Ronan’s mama, and she is just as spicy and fierce as Ronan was.  I think I stayed up the whole night, reading the blog from the beginning.  From the start, my heart was stolen by this gorgeous blue eyed little boy.  Completely and utterly stolen.

He was… how can I describe him and do him justice?  He was a spicy little monkey, that’s for sure.  He was the essence of that quote by Henry David Thoreau, the quote his mama loves and uses whenever possible – “All good things are wild and free.”  Last month, when Taylor Swift debuted her song, “Ronan” on the Stand Up For Cancer telethon, when I could not see because of the tears streaming down my cheeks, I knew.  I knew Ronan was taking us places.  He IS taking us places.  I so wish it wasn’t him.  I wish so much that he was where he belongs, rejoicing with his family in the wake of the news that he’s going to get a little sister, something he so wanted.

Maya has a huge vision for The Ronan Thompson Foundation.  She wants to build a world class neuroblastoma research and care center, but she cannot do that without lots of help.

Then Jennifer Counts came to me via my Pediatric Cancer Awareness page on Facebook.  She said she “liked” my page because she lost her four year old daughter, Bella, to leukemia last year.  Bella’s story is horrific because she contracted a flesh-eating bacteria shortly after beginning chemo.  Jennifer has been a Scentsy consultant for about 5 years now, and when she had Bella, she was very excited to “to find a product that was safe around our baby, looked fantastic in my home, and also provided a night light for those late night trips back and forth to the crib! I appreciated that Scentsy was safe, flameless, soot free AND much less expensive that the products I was limited to before.”  When Bella was diagnosed at 3 years old, the little family’s world just fell apart.  Bella loved her Scentsy buddy, and it would accompany her to the hospital, along with her Scentsy plug-in with her favorite scent (Pretty in Pink).

When the hospital bills started piling on, Jennifer panicked.  Fortunately, her local Scentsy consultant offered to hold a fundraiser for Bella.  Jennifer accepted the offer, and was pleasantly surprised when the fundraiser resulted in over $1,000 in just one week.  She soon joined the Scentsy consultant family and hasn’t looked back since.  It allows her to work from home, and when Bella was sick, allowed her to schedule work around hospital appointments and caring for Bella.

Bella has two official Facebook pages, Blood for Bella’s Informational Page and Buddies from Bella (Scentsy Buddy Challenge).  Jennifer says the latter is “a page dedicated to Scentsy Buddies that are donated to children in hospitals undergoing cancer treatment. Each buddy is delivered with a tag around its neck with a story about Bella and her Buddy Lenny. it gives kids a chance to post photos with their buddy and supports to send notes of encouragement to the kids.”

Bella, like Ronan, endured so much.  And like Ronan, she should still be here, healthy and happy.  I just know that Ronan and Bella became fast friends and that they are delighted that so much is being done in their memories.  If you would like to join the fundraiser for The Ronan Thompson Foundation, you can do so by clicking here and joining the Ronan party.  It’s open until the 30th, and once it is over, Jennifer will donate 100% of the proceeds to The Ronan Thompson Foundation.

Because we have a hospital to build and so much more!

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