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I know I have used that image above before, but it is so perfect for what TheTruth365 stands for that I cannot resist using it again.  The Truth365:  what did I think?  MUCH more importantly, what did you think?  The truth about childhood cancer was laid out for you, raw, bare, and so, so, so, so, so heartbreaking.  Are you asking yourselves the same questions I’ve asked myself over and over again?

Why is the public not more aware of this?  Why is childhood cancer taboo?  Like little Katie reads from The Lorax in the beginning of the documentary, “UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.”  That quote is just perfect for this social media campaign.  Even more than that, I love what she says at the end of the film.  If you haven’t watched the film yourself, I am not going to ruin it for you…  Ha, ha!

TheTruth365 documentary really says it all.  It tugs at heartstrings,  It pulls at your emotions.  It talks about the common misconceptions about childhood cancer.  It has parents speaking to you as if you are in the same room as them, parents whose hearts are shattered and broken because their child is gone.

Could you look those parents in the eyes?  Could you reach out to hug them? Could you help them make sure that their child’s fight and their child’s death will not be for nothing?  And more importantly, if you were in their shoes, could you continue to fight for the other children who have and will have cancer?  Could you be as brave and as determined?

In the video, the ways you can help are outlined.  You can share it with EVERYONE YOU KNOW.  This is very important, because without awarenesss, where are we going to get funding for more research, better treatment options?  You are doing more than sharing just another youtube video.  You are helping.  You are spreading awareness.  Awareness is key.  Most people I talk to these days, the people who aren’t directly “touched” by childhood cancer, often have NO idea it is this big a problem.  They really have no idea that every single day, 36.9 kids are diagnosed (that number is much more accurate than 46, by the way, and although it is less, it is by no means any less serious…  and I think the decimal point is there because, although you can’t have 90% of a kid, every single day is different, and the number can change daily – children are more than statistics.  They have names.  They have faces.  They have parents, siblings, friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.  They have whole stories).

Go to TheTruth365 website and see which members of Congress support kids with cancer and which don’t.  Persistence is key here.  Contact them and ask them for their support.  Keep on doing it.  I know most of us lead very busy lives, but if it was your child fighting for his or her life, or even a child you knew, you would be asking right along with me.  You know it.  I know it.  Everybody knows it.  And the kicker is that nobody even things for one minute that childhood cancer can touch their child and by proxy, their lives…  until it actually does.  It is then that the wishing begins…  if only you knew what to look for, if only you were aware this could happen…

No amount of preparation can prepare you for the reality of childhood cancer.  It will still bring you to your knees.  It will still make you pray to a God you are no longer sure you believe in because THIS happened.  And yet, it is faith that sees many families through…  because without faith in God, they would just give up the second the fight got too difficult to bear.

And last but not least, sign the petition.  There is no Pediatric Oncologist on the National Cancer Advisory board as it is, which is part of the problem. No one is speaking for the kids except us, the survivors, the kids themselves, the parents, the families, and the friends. Childhood cancer is NOT RARE! 36.9 kids every single day are diagnosed, and 7 more kids die every single day. And that is just in the U.S.A. Once upon a time, I was one of these kids diagnosed, and it makes me SO upset that nothing has changed since then. Please sign this petition. Please share. It is on the White House petition site so it DOES MATTER and it DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We need 25,000 signatures to get it in front of Congress and the President. We can do this!

And oh!  We have less than a week to get the remaining 21,000 plus signatures.  In the words of Audrey Hepburn, “Nothing’s impossible. The word itself says, ‘I’m possible.”


4 thoughts on “More on TheTruth365

  1. I was shocked that Cancer is the biggest Childhood killer. I was shocked to find out that Childhood Cancer is different to Adult Cancer. I was shocked to discover that Cancer Research funds are not divided evenly. I was shocked to find out that the treatments for Childhood Cancer often cause other Cancers. Most of all I was shocked that I didn’t know all of the above.

    • I know! Shock after shock! There is no end to the travesty that is the childhood cancer taboo. 😦 Taylor and Talia, who are both portrayed in the film, have original diagnoses of neuroblastoma, and their treatments caused their blood to mess up and they were diagnosed with chemo-induced leukemia. And it is so wrong, and so unfair, because these kids just want to be kids, and often have to find ways to be kids IN SPITE of their cancer.

  2. I think it is really important that people get to know these facts so they understand why the funding needs to be changed. I have to admit that until I watched the end of the video with the Myth Busters, I couldn’t understand the differences. I didn’t realise that the treatments were so harsh for children and I originally believed that the funding was spread evenly . That understanding made a difference.

    • That is precisely the point. But I think that they didn’t want to hit the public right away with these truths, because they wanted them to see all the precious children, all the faces of the parents and siblings before they told you why they were making this. Mike and Dena (the co-producers) worked so hard on this. Dena’s husband and son (pictures of her son) are in it. Billy Sherwood Jr. Neuroblastoma. He’s still here. 🙂 And Mike got involved with childhood cancer advocating because he knows Taylor Love and her family. Both of these children are lucky.

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