One Word, One Year

gold ribbon one word


2013 holds a lot of promise.  It is a brand new year, and with it comes a lot of hope.  Hope that maybe this is the year that the children get heard, that childhood cancer gets a lot more than 3% of federal funding.  As TheTruth365 film pointed out, both the White House and Congress voted unanimously in 2008 to increase funding for childhood cancer research. This plan fell by the wayside when they didn’t properly fund the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act.  Because of this, nothing has changed.

When I think of this, I think of all the little lives lost, I get so upset.  These children could still be here, if only.  They SHOULD still be here.  It is utterly mind-boggling to me that if only politicians put the future of this country first, we wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with.  Children would not be dying.  There would be cures.  There would be hope.  When parents receive a cancer diagnosis for their child, the first question that springs to mind would not be, “Is my child going to die?”  Instead, the thoughts would be like, “Okay, breathe, what do we have to do to beat this?”

This year, I am going to focus on one thing:  advocating.  One word, one year.  Things can change.  I know it.  I believe it.  I don’t mean I have to do more – I mean I have to utilize what I have and use it for the good of these children.  I have words to give.  I have a truth to tell.  Even if it means that I have to tell my story so many times I am practically blue in the face, I will do it.  Children deserve better.  They deserve every chance at life, every opportunity.  They have to be protected.   They are the future.  They need to be treated like it.

Advocate:  my one word for this year.  What I am focusing on, what 2013 will stand for, is the children.  I will advocate for them, because once upon a time, I was one of them.  I got this one word idea from SheLoves/  It makes sense to me.  Before, I think I was trying to focus on too many things at once and gave up, because it got to be exhausting.  No more.  I will focus on advocating for those who deserve so much more than what they get.  I will advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves.  I will advocate for those who deserve every single promising opportunity that life tosses their way.

As SheLoves/ states, my one word isn’t another to-do list.  It is simply a direction I want this year to take.  The last two years since I have started going down this road have been eye-opening.  I know what I am doing now.  I know where I want to be.  And that is exactly where I am right now.

I challenge you to choose one word for this year as well.


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