May the Fourth be with you

calm you should keep Yoda

Happy Star Wars Day!  The month of May will forever be a hard one for me, because nearly two years ago, the most perfect, beautiful little boy in the world was stolen by childhood cancer.  I did not know him personally, but he and I will always be connected because we both fought the same battle, with different outcomes.  He is no longer here to be spicy, to be wild and free, to cause trouble like he so loved to do.  He is not here to enjoy his new baby sister Poppy with the rest of his family.

Because of freaking neuroblastoma.

I know this is brain cancer awareness month, but cancer does not care what month it is.  It did not care that it stole Ronan’s life just 3 days before his 4th birthday.  He should still be here, about to turn six, this year on Mother’s Day.  I know for a fact that Maya would not mind sharing her day with him, because that would mean he was still here.  He loved Star Wars, and I imagine all his birthday parties would be Star Wars themed until he outgrew his love for it, if he ever did.

Two years ago, I started following Maya Thompson’s blog on here, before I even started this one.  Maya is Ronan’s mama, and through her words, I fell in love with this little boy.  No words can describe how much each and every word she wrote on there touched me.  I knew, and still know that, without a doubt, she would be the one who changes the face of childhood cancer, with her mafia behind her – Maya’s mafia of soldiers against childhood cancer.  Not just neuroblastoma, but pediatric cancer as a whole.  Because Ronan should still be here.  All the children should be able to grow up to be anything they want.

Maya and Ronan Thompson inspire me, just like they inspired Taylor Swift to write (compile, really, since she took Maya’s own words from her blog) and perform this song at the Stand Up to Cancer telethon last September.  You can watch the clip of her performing it live here.  You will cry, but Ronan deserves your tears because he never should have died in the first place.

May the fourth be with you, Ro. Wherever you are.

Ronan's second Annual Day of Love


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