The Pink Agenda/The Gold Agenda

WORK FOR A CAUSE, NOT APPLAUSEI stand by what I said in my last post about Susan G. Komen For A Cure Foundation – I do.  But I also know that it is corrupt.  A few years ago, they tried to sue other, smaller foundations that used “For The Cure” in their names.  I seriously do not want to know if they were successful.  I understand supporting breast cancer awareness and advocating for it, but this foundation is so far beyond corrupt that it’s not even funny.  They get their hands dirty and they do not mind it, especially when it makes them rich.  They may have started off right, with a noble goal in mind, “For The Cure,” but they are also going a lot of stuff wrong.  Please click on this link and read:

I Will Not Be Pinkwashed: Why I Do Not Support Susan G. Komen for the Cure

This is very sad.  They have the means to do great things, but they don’t.  They are not spending very much on finding a cure.  And it’s very sad, especially when it all started with a promise that founder Nancy Brinker made to her dying sister.

I do not remember anything about my fight with neuroblastoma, but I know cancer is horrible.  I have stood by helplessly while so many children have succumbed to it.  No childhood cancer advocate would even dream of  stealing from the kids.  I have been doing this for far too long to  give a damn about what I have.  I may not have a lot, but I give all I can.  The parents of these children stricken with cancer are forced to raise funds for medical costs and even research.  So I get every bracelet, every shirt, every sweatshirt that I am able to get.  No question.  I feel for these families,  Not only do they have their world turned upside down, but also their bank accounts are hurting,  I encourage them to never give up, of course, but when I am able to do more, I do it.

The Pink Agenda may be strong, but it is also weak, in that their motives aren’t pure.  I do know breast cancer warriors/survivors, and I fully support the cause.  I am a woman myself.  I get it.  But I too will not be pinkwashed, because I see the truth.  And that truth is ugly.

I am fully behind The Gold Agenda.  This fight for GOLD is personal and strong and pure.  All the best fights are.  Maya Thompson said on Facebook yesterday that she will bleed gold for the rest of her life if she has to.  I agree with that 100%.  We do not care about ourselves.  We just care about the fact that their are innocent, helpless children being diagnosed every single day and innocent helpless children dying every single day because of cancer.  Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in kids.  When we try to do big things, we get shut down.

But mark my words, there will be GOLD.  Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but eventually.  And we will always remember those who have lost the fight.


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