We’ll miss you, Genie


I was shocked and then heartbroken when I heard Robin Williams had passed away. I could always count on a story in the news about him visiting a children’s hospital, his St. Judes’ commercials on television, and of course his movies. I don’t know how many times I have seen Mrs. Doubtfire, but it is a lot. I absolutely loved that movie growing up. That movie, and also Hook, were my absolute favorites of Robin Williams’ movies. To me, he truly was Peter Pan all grown up, both in fiction and in real life. Despite the sad circumstances surrounding his death, he left behind a trail of laughter, love, and happiness, much like fairy dust.

When I think of him giving up his Christmas days to play Santa for the pediatric oncology patients at UCSF Medical Center, I feel so much love and gratitude toward him, HIM, a man I didn’t even know personally. I am greatly saddened that this guy who made the world laugh couldn’t find his way out of the darkness that consumed him in the end.  His personal struggles were made known to the world in the days after his tragic passing, and I think, I KNOW, that Robin Williams, the funny man, is at peace.

If he cared about the children… and you know he didn’t have to… how much more do we, as mere average humans, have to care? Robin did his charity work quietly… he supported children with cancer and he supported people with disabilities, athletes with disabilities. The ones who are invisible to the world as a whole, he saw.  Do you know how much it means to be seen when you think you’re invisible? When you think everyone else is too busy dealing with their own pain and their own lives to notice you, way back there, struggling to keep up?

I do.

It might be too late to thank Robin Williams for sharing his heart of gold with the people who least expected to have a piece of it, but I want to say it anyway. Thank you, Robin, for being who you were, and for sometimes being who you weren’t.  You meant so much to so many people. You loved us well.

If you want to listen to children at St. Judes’ Hospital sing, go here: http://youtu.be/2lt6yfmdwsQ

CLASSIC Robin Williams at the 1:28 mark, I tell you!

We’ll miss you, Genie. We will never forget you, and will always love you.

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